Can Blackout Blinds Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Windows?

The windows in a house let in the natural light into a room. It also provides warmth and ventilation. Unfortunately, windows can also be one of the weakest spots in your house when it comes to energy efficiency. If you don’t know how to improve the efficiency of your windows, it will negatively impact your energy consumption, leading to the increase of your energy bills.

Thankfully, you can lower energy costs by installing energy-efficient windows. If you are on a tight budget, you can consider improving the existing windows to help lower your energy consumption.

Tips For Improving Energy Efficiency of Existing Windows

1. Add storm windows: When you add storm windows, you can reduce the air leakage in the room. This improves energy efficiency and comfort.

2. Clean the glass: It is also very important to clean the glass around your windows. This will ensure that all other improvement will be successful. One way to clean the Orange County glass using eco-friendly methods is to use a vinegar solution: 1 part vinegar and 4 parts water. Spray the solution on the glass and wipe away the grime, dirt, and dust using a sponge. Use scrunched-up old newspapers to dry and polish the glass.

3. Locate the gaps around your windows: The U.S. Department of Energy suggests using a flashlight to find the gaps and cracks around your windows. At night, you should shine the flashlight around the edges of the window. Another tip is to use an incense stick to detect any drafts.

4. Caulk all the gaps and cracks: Doing so will help lower the air leakage around windows. If you are caulking the gaps, cracks, and joints from the inside, you should use a non-elastic decorator’s caulk. If you are doing it from outside, you should use an elastic, silicon-based caulk because it can withstand different weather conditions and the elements.

5. Install window treatments or coverings: According to, a company that manufactures and distributes blackout blinds, installing the right window treatments can lower heat loss, especially during the winter season. Unfortunately, not all window treatments can effectively reduce air leakage and infiltration. One of the best energy-efficient window treatments available in the market today are blackout blinds.

Blackout Blinds: How It Can Reduce Energy Consumption

According to recent studies, 10-25% of thermal energy gets lost due to your windows; however, if you install blackout blinds, you can lower the cost by 25. This means you will be able to lower your utility bills and reduce the greenhouse gas emission. The reason why it lowers the thermal energy is because blackout blinds are capable of trapping heat during the winter season. It also keeps out light and heat during the summer. Here are other reasons why you should choose this type of window treatment or covering.

  • It Blocks Light: There are certain blackout blinds that can completely block out light. This is very beneficial for those who work at night. It also helps those who have health problems because of insomnia. In addition, these blinds can also be used to completely keep out light from your home theater room or from a nursery.
  • It Blocks Noise: Another reason why blackout blinds are very effective because it claims to be able to block at least 40% of noise. This feature is very valuable, especially when you want to keep distractions out of a certain room.

Improving the existing windows to your Huntington Beach home will help minimize your heating, cooling, and lighting costs. However, if your house is too old, it might be more cost-effective if you try to replace the windows instead of improving them. Installing energy-efficient windows can easily pay for themselves by reducing your heating and cooling costs.

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The author, Kris Lim, is an environmentalist who promotes green living by cutting down on energy costs. In this article, she offers a few tips for improving the energy efficiency of a home through its windows.

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