GlasPro-Bird Safe Bird Friendly Glass For Buildings And Zoos

This is what birds see
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“The wide variety of native birds that thrive in urban areas underscores the importance of these artificial habitats to the survival of many bird populations. Creating green-space in urban environments, landscaping with native plants in backyards and parks, adopting architecture and lighting systems that reduce collisions, and keeping pets indoors will provide the greatest benefit to breeding birds and migrants seeking safe places to rest and find food during their spectacular journeys.”
– 2009 State of The Birds Report by the United States Government US Department of Interior 

“With an Avoidance Index (AI) of 79%, GlasPro’s Bird- Safe glass significantly exceeds the American Bird Conservancy’s minimum standard for effective bird collision deterrent materials of 70%. Under sunny conditions the AI is 84% which is considered highly effective. GlasPro’s Bird-Safe Glass is eligible to use the American Bird Conservancy’s (ABC) Effective Solutions logo and be featured on ABC’s Effective Solutions website.” 


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