How To Keep Your Shower Enclosure Shining

Bathing is a healing process for most of us. Whether we are under the shower in the morning just about to start our day or be it in the evening raring to relax after a hard day. It is a way to wash away lethargy, tiredness and monotone for a fresh start or get rid of the day already passed and to rejuvenate. This enjoyable experience is combination of the pleasures that our senses feel and imagine how one would feel if this joyful go-to is culminated by the view of stains around you and a musty smell. People spend insane amounts of money to install their dream shower enclosures in their homes. However they fail to realise that with this luxury also comes the responsibility for its maintenance.

Here are 8 quick fixes to keep your enclosures sparkly and shining!

Do’s of shower enclosure :

  1. Before going on a shopping spree to get all the cleaning commercial products on display first of all identify what kind of shower surrounds you have e.g. tile, prefabricated, marble, glass or just simple curtains.
  2. Keep water spots away and the easiest methods are by not letting them develop at all. Use a soft wet sponge to wipe away droplets and finish with a dry towel.
  3. To get rid of already accumulated hard water stains use paper towels and a vinegar spray (made by mixing vinegar and water in 1:1 ratio) or any other commercial cleaner which has lime or vinegar as its core ingredient.
  4. To clean up shower curtains only swiping is necessary with special attention taken at the bottom as mildew gathers there.
  5. The best and easiest way to get rid of soap scum is to stop using soap and switch to liquid soap also known as body wash.
  6. Once the shower surrounds are clean one can apply lemon oil using a cloth or soft sponge to make those Orange County shower glass or metal surfaces shine.
  7. Use a soft toothbrush and a liquid dishwash to clean up the track leading to the shower.
  8. Hang shower curtains inside the doors of showers to prevent liming.

Dont’s of maintaining shower enclosure :

  1. Carefully read constituents of cleaners while buying. Make sure you are not using the ones meant for tile or marble on glass or metal. It could be highly damaging and you might end up paying through the nose trying to fix it.
  2. Treat all signs of hard stains, mildew, accumulated soap scum and mould immediately. Do not let them build up as that could cost you dearly later.
  3. Do not use the abrasive cleaners for prefabricated showers. Use mild gel cleaners.

Keeping shower surroundings clean are neither heavy on the pocket unless it is so neglected that the only solution left is replacement. Nor is it a very major chore, as all it needs is a regular wash and a little attention. The steps mentioned above will make sure that you continue to have a memorable bathing experience and a happy cleaning experience too!

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